One of the goals at TWU is to provide you with academic direction and support. The Academic Advising Office connects you with an Advisor. Ideally, you are assigned an Advisor who is a full-time faculty member in your area of study.

If you change your academic direction or feel that your current Advisor placement is not meeting your needs, please use the Change of Advisor Link below or come into the office (located on the second floor of the Reimer Student Centre) to discuss your program of study and your Advisor preference.

A link for the List of Academic Advisors is also provided below to inform you of the available Advisors for the semester.

Please note that while every effort is made to provide the student with the Advisor requested, changes are based on availability. Contact the Academic Advising Office or call 604-513-2182 for more details.

Request a change of Advisor

List of Available Academic Advisors