Alumni Area Chapters exist as localized, regional hubs where TWU Alumni from all around the world are encouraged to:

  1. Gather as local communities and make meaningful connections
  2. Share opportunities with one another, such as career, housing, or business
  3. Serve their cities through volunteer initiatives
  4. Develop and grow spiritually by encouraging one another, engaging in Biblical study, through prayer, and in discipleship
  5. Attend local Spartans games to help raise awareness of the brand and encourage the team
  6. Generate support for the University by attending events, promoting the brand, referring potential students, and contributing to initiatives when able.

Each chapter is led by a team of volunteers known as Alumni Ambassadors. These Ambassadors will play a key role in ensuring that alumni in specific cities are about to achieve the above objectives. The goal is to have two-three Alumni Ambassadors per region where we have at least 50 alumni.

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