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Reinvest your time, expertise, and resources to participate in what God is doing at TWU—through its current and future graduates around the world.

The TWU Alumni office desires to see graduates steward what they have been given in order to equip each other and the next generation of future graduates.

We are all called to use the gifts, talents, and resources that God has given us to serve others. Alumni have been doing this over the years through sharing their time, wisdom, and expertise with other alumni and current students. We hope to continue this culture of giving by providing new opportunities for alumni to share their networks and provide experiential learning opportunities through their employers, or even sharing their financial resources to advance the mission and vision of TWU.

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Virtual coffees

Become a meaningful resource to students and recent grads who have questions launching into their careers. All you need to offer is 20 minutes each month for a virtual coffee chat with a student/recent graduate to hear their story and answer any practical questions they might have as they explore different areas of work.


Experiential Learning Opportunities

Alumni are working in various industries around the world, with a wide breadth of connections, networks, and opportunities. Current students are always looking for ways to gain hands-on experience in their fields of interest. Would you be willing to provide TWU students with internships, co-ops, or directed studies through your employer? Could a student job-shadow you for a few hours or a day? Consider sharing your networks and experiences to equip the next generation of alumni.

Regional Alumni Ambassador

Alumni from TWU are known for being servant leaders who are making a difference for the good of the world and the glory of God. We regularly hear about alumni who are opening up their doors for other fellow alumni in various cities globally. This is one of the reasons we have set up Regional Ambassadors around the world to offer career and life transition support to the growing alumni network.

If you love getting to know other alumni and facilitating connections, or find joy in helping new residents feel at home in your city, you could be a great fit as a Regional Alumni Ambassador.

Lead a practical workshop

Over the years, many alumni have expressed interest in learning new skills and advancing their knowledge in a variety of subjects. A few examples of the way the TWU Alumni office has facilitated this is through running educational speaker events, organizing alumni outings, and providing practical seminars.

Serve days

We are inviting alumni and families to engage in meaningful service opportunities in and around their communities. Serve the city, connect with others, and learn more about different TWU Alumni based volunteer initiatives in your area!

Give Financially

Alumni are an integral part of the TWU community and its future success. We invite you to participate in what God is doing at TWU to advance its mission and vision by providing support to equip the next generation of alumni. There are many options of areas within TWU to give to, but here are some suggestions from the TWU Alumni office:

  • Alumni Legacy Scholarship – This is a unique scholarship that provides an opportunity to support students who are children of TWU alumni, to continue the alumni legacy.
  • Student Scholarship Campaign – This focuses on the goal to bless every student who has financial needs, making their TWU dream a reality.
  • Student Impact Fund – This contributes to TWU and the student experience in three important ways: student scholarships, student life, and campus enhancement.

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