Do you remember what it felt like to be a student at Trinity Western University? Now, imagine if there was a network of professionals who were willing to share the answers you needed during that time of transition from graduation to professional life.

Just like you, students and recent graduates today are full of potential but unsure where to start.

This is why Trinity Western University has partnered with Ten Thousand Coffees, a professional development platform, to create the TWU Networking Hub. We need people just like you to lead it. 

How does it work?

  1. By joining our program, you are saying that you are willing to share your professional knowledge and experience with fellow TWU alumni and students.
  2. Starting in October, you will be automatically matched once a month with someone who has questions related to your background, degree, and skill set. You may also be contacted directly by students who found your profile and are interested in getting advice.
  3. After introductions have been made, you’ll be encouraged to grab a coffee with a student or young alum in-person, chat on the phone, or meet virtually.
  4. This is not a formal mentorship program, but if you and your matches decide to continue communication and turn this into a mentorship opportunity, that is encouraged.
  5. You may be involved in this program for as long as you want. As this is a networking platform, students and alumni will be able to find you and contact you for mentorship or advice. If you feel you are no longer interested in participating in the program, you can drop out at any time.

Join Now

Note: After you have been introduced to a student or young alum, it will be up to you to manage this connection. TWU Alumni does its best to screen members of the platform, but you should always exercise caution if choosing to meet in person. We highly recommend meeting online first, or picking a public space like a coffee shop as you get to know one another.

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"Great mentors are one of life's greatest gifts. They can help you cut years of hard learning by sharing their experience and relationships. TWU has a massive network of intentional and amazing people that are willing to be mentors - you don't find that everywhere." 

“It isn’t just me getting something from my mentor, it’s giving an opportunity for a relationship to happen between two people, someone who wants to learn and someone who is willing to teach.” 

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