Prerequisites for many Nursing, Physiotherapy and Dental Hygiene programs

Are you applying to a nursing, physiotherapy or dental hygiene program?  If you need to complete Anatomy & Physiology requirements, you can complete both courses in a 3-week format, May and June, or during the regular fall and spring semesters at Trinity Western University.

These semester long or fast-track courses, may help you complete your admission requirements for the program you want, before September.

To make these courses accessible to you, Trinity Western University offers a quick and simple registration process through our Casual Studies Program.

Trinity Western University looks forward to assisting you with your career goals. See you this May!

Summer 2018  3 – Week Courses May - June 

BIOL 241 A3  Anatomy & Physiology; For more info see syllabus
3 sh   May 1 - 18;  Wk1: T-F; Wk2&3: MTThF; Lecture: 8:30 – 11:30 AM; Lab 1: 12:30 – 2:45 PM; Lab 2: 3 – 5:15 PM; Bill Luke; Add'l fee: $150; 3 Week

BIOL 242 B3  Anatomy & Physiology II; For more info see syllabus
3 sh   May 23 - June 8; Wk 1: TWF, Wk 2: W-F, & 3: MTThF; Lecture: 8:30 – 11:30 AM; Lab 1: 12:30 – 2:45 PM; Lab 2: 3 - 5:15 PM; Bill Luke; Add'l fee: $150; 3 Week

What to expect in these 3 Week classes. Three weeks is intense but it is doable for these Anatomy and Physiology courses. For the first two days most students feel a bit overwhelmed and are concerned that they took on too much. But it gets better, not because it gets easier, but because students get used to it. They tend to create study groups and they go through the experience together. The biggest thing to remember is that Dr. Luke has taught this 3 week format for many years and many students have taken these courses and have succeeded. Many students are motivated to take these 3 week Anatomy & Physiology courses at TWU in May and June so they can apply to other programs for the fall at other universities & colleges.

See complete list of Summer Sessions courses [click here].

Spring 2018 14-Week Course January - April

BIOL 242 B    Anatomy & Physiology II - For more info see previous syllabus BIOL 242 
3 sh   
Lecture: T/Th: 11:40 AM – 12:55 PM; Bill Luke; Add'l fee: $140
Lab choices: L7: W: 11:40 AM – 2:25 PM, L8: Th: 11:40am – 2:25pm
Tutorial (optional): F: 11:40 AM - 1 PM

Note: though it is recommended that you take BIOL 241 before BIOL 242 it is not required.

Fall 2018  14-Week Course September – December (Proposed)

BIOL 241 A     Anatomy & Physiology I - For more information see previous Syllabus

3 sh Sept 6 - Dec 16;

Lecture choices:

  • BIOL 241A: MW; 11:40 – 1 PM; add’l fee $130
  • BIOL 241B: T/Th; 11:40 – 1 PM; add’l fee $130

 Lab choices:

  • L1: M: 11:40 – 2:25 PM
  • L2: M: 2:35 – 5:15 PM
  • L7: T: 6 – 8:50 PM
  • L8: W: 11:40 – 2:25 PM

To Register:

Complete the TWU Extension Casual Student Reg Form on your computer and email it to or fax it to 604.513.2060.

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Jonathan Barkowsky
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