Annual Undergraduate Honours Psychology Thesis Presentation and Poster Session

Academic Events
Trinity Western University
Student Life Meeting Room and Hallway, Reimer Student Centre
7600 Glover Road
Langley, BC V2Y 1Y1

You are welcome to attend the Annual Undergraduate Honours Psychology Thesis and Poster Presentations.

Posters will be in Student Life Hallway and all Thesis presentations will take place in the Student Life Meeting Room as per the presentation schedule:

8:50 Jathniel Navo
Effects of Journaling: Writing Your Anxieties Away

9:30 Cassandra Wasik
The Relationship between Grit and Friendship

10:20 Gillian Curtis
When Helping Hurts: Coping with Secondary Traumatic Stress

11:40 Hannah Hall
The Female Experience Of Coping And Recovery Following Being Broken Up With For The First Time

12:10 Nathan Stein
Looking Seriously at Improvisational Comedians: An Existential- Phenomenological Analysis

12:40 Tiffany Heath
Lock Them Up! The Impact of Ethnicity and Gender on Public Perceptions of Offender Responsibility, Cause, and Punishment

1:30 Jennifer Satish
Trinity Western University: Human Services Evaluation and Empathy in the Helping Profession

2:10 Sally Maeng
#TheStruggleIsReal: Fear of missing out and nomophobia predict each other differently

2:40 Trinda McNeill
Stressed Out? The Impact of Maladaptive Perfectionism, Acculturative Stress, and Levels of Self-Monitoring on Levels of Anxiety Among University Students