ANTH 210
Islamic Culture

This course is designed as an introduction to the religion of Islam and the Muslim cultures. It's a basic overview/ survey of the most influential denominations of Islamic faith, like Sunna, Shia, Ismailia, Druze, Alavites and Ahmadyia. In the course we will examine the history of Islamic religion and the different theological and juristic schools like the Hanafits, Shafiites, Malekites and Hanibalites, as well the practice and pillars of Islam with particular attention to the classic texts of Ou'ran and Hadith. The course will also analyze the role of Jesus in the Qu'ran as well compare stories written in the Bible. Students are invited into using the disciplines of anthropology/sociology as possibility of inquiry, evaluation and interpretation. Through analyzing concepts of religious belief systems students experience the social world around them, by interacting with norms, beliefs and values of global and local cultures.

Not offered every year See department chair