Thursday, Sept 25 | 11:10am-12:15pm

KEYNOTE 1 | Room 210 (Instrumental Hall)


William Catling 

Art and…
Art is…
Art as…
Art from…
Art with…

Academia has a way of using language as a defining and sometimes restricting way of understanding “things.” As if there were a singular way in which something could be understood or comprehended. An almost myopic use of the breadth and range of the human intellect and spirit. The riches of our heritage as artists and as researchers lies within the inherent concept that “questions” are what promote learning over the limiting way in which “answers” truncate the line of inquiry.

So it is with a generous embrace that art and research find themselves entwined at this wondrous juncture where we are “post something” and “pre something.” The opportunities for exploration seem less encumbered by dictates of an overbearing philosophical/theoretical/political/critical/
hermeneutical hierarchy prone to limit our thinking and our writing and our production.

Art. Re__Search. Words of great depth, rich with meaning, history and expectation. Loaded with tyranny and freedom, limits and expansive possibilities. This is an opportunity for new meanings to be written, fresh understandings explored, unknown pathways discovered, imaginative positions to be held gently and alternative modes of thinking shared lovingly with our peers.

Let the “Search” (seeking what we do not know!) in research be a guide to the way in which we come to new ways of examining the relationship of Art and/is/as/from/with Re__Search.


William Catling resides in Southern California where he serves dual roles as Professor and Department Chair of Art and Design at Azusa Pacific University. With a career spanning over 30 years, his professional practice began in the San Francisco Bay Area until relocating to Los Angeles in 1991. He is an active speaker and deeply involved in the visual arts. As a sculptor, Catling’s work has been exhibited in museums and galleries both nationally and internationally. His current works can be viewed at