BIOT 200
Biotechnology Practica II

Biotechnology Practica II-IV provide general and advanced intern experiences in industrial settings. BIOT 200 (2 sem. hrs.) is a requirement for entry to co-op placements and graduation. BIOT 300 and 400 (3 sem. hrs. each) are additional intern experiences providing exposure to advanced techniques and applications in biotechnology. The skills taught in each practicum vary depending on the industrial setting, but should include some of the following techniques: mammalian tissue culture; monoclonal antibody production including cell fusion; hybridoma screening by ELISA and immunoblotting; fermentation microbiology and the operation of large-scale fermentation systems; insect cell culture and use of Baculovirus expression vectors to produce recombinant proteins; downstream processing and the recovery and purification of proteins, carbohydrates, lipids; freezing, freeze-drying and preservation of microorganisms, animal viruses, cell lines and hybridomas; high throughput screening strategies, diagnostic testing; methods in bioinformatics; and quality control procedures.

BIOL 200/300
BIOT 100.