Got a thing for numbers? Accounting offers opportunity, security, flexibility, and mobility. And it isn't just bookkeeping anymore. Professional accountants are foundational to the financial success of a company.

What is my career potential?

Whether you become a CFO, CEO, or partner of an accounting firm, your career choices extend into both the private and public sector.

What courses will I take?

In addition to foundational business courses including two required accounting courses all students will take in the BBA program, those in the accounting specialization will add the following courses to their academic roster.

  • BUSI 321 Intermediate Accounting I
  • BUSI 322 Intermediate Accounting II

Plus two of the following:

  • BUSI 323 Management Accounting I
  • BUSI 324 Management Accounting II
  • BUSI 421 Advanced Accounting
  • BUSI 426 External Auditing: Concepts and Methods 
  • BUSI 428 Canadian Taxation
  • BUSI 491 Integrated Group Project for Accounting

Students who are planning on becoming a CPA must complete three accounting courses in addition to the specialization requirements. The School of Business works closely with the professional accounting certification bodies to ensure you can transfer into their professional programs after graduation.