Knowing what to invest and when to invest it, good financial advisors make the most of business resources. All corporate ventures are in need of money-savvy professionals. And because financial expertise is essential and often hard to come by, salary ranges typically start higher than other careers in business.

What is my career potential?

Corporate treasurer, financial analyst, financial planner, insurance agent, real estate investor, or small business owner, there's a whole host of careers available to graduates specializing in finance.

What courses will I take?

Our cross-section of classes prepares you for what you'll face in the fast paces of finance.

  • BUSI 441 Advanced¬†Topics in Business Finance
  • BUSI 442 Advanced Personal Financial Planning

Plus three of the following:

  • BUSI 304 Money and Banking
  • BUSI 317 Investment Theory
  • BUSI 318 Applied Investments
  • BUSI 428 Canadian Taxation
  • BUSI 490 Integrative Group Project