The effect of an organization's leadership team is undeniable. History has shown the decisions they make can spell either success or failure. Realizing this responsibility, our leadership and management specialization provides you with the tools to manage a business successfully. Learn how to problem-solve, resolve conflict, motivate employees, set goals, communicate effectively, and lead ethically.

What is my career potential?

Leadership and management is a part of every business. Corporations and government agencies value those who see the bigger picture and know how to lead various departments within the organization.

What courses will I take?

We've designed this specialization to give you the tools to manage any organization, no matter what product or service it provides.

  • BUSI 480 Leadership in the Global Context

Plus three of the following:

  • BUSI 323 Management Accounting I
  • BUSI 370 Business Information Systems
  • BUSI 381 Production and Operations Management
  • BUSI 412 International Economic Competitiveness
  • BUSI 435 Market Management
  • BUSI 446 Commercial Legal Relations
  • BUSI 495 Integrated Group Project for Leadership and Management