Our Undergraduate Programs

The School of Business has shaped its program to provide you with a solid business foundation, expertise in your area of interest, real-world experience, and a mentoring program. Choose from a bachelor of business administration (BBA), bachelor of arts with a major in business administration (BA), or bachelor of arts in sport and leisure management (BA). We also offer an honours program in business administration (BBA Honours), concentrations, and minors.

Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA)

The professional degree of choice at universities across North America, the BBA is intended for those students serious about a career in business. Our BBA gives you the big picture of the business world as well as viable expertise, in your area of specialization.

Choose from:

BBA Honours Program

If you have a high academic standing and want to take your degree to the next level, consider our BBA Honours program. The additional 12 semester hours of study allow you to extend your business expertise even further. The benefits? Honours puts you in top standing for enrolment into MBA programs and sets you apart from other job applicants in the workforce.

Bachelor of Arts with a Major in Business Administration (BA)

For those looking to pursue business ventures in combination with broader interests, the BA allows you the greater flexibility of completing a business degree in tandem with another major, concentration, or minor. With 29 semester hours of electives devoted to other interests of your choice, you could add communications, political studies, computing science, music, or any other concentration or minor TWU offers to your skill set, creating a powerful degree combination that is uniquely you.

Bachelor of Arts in Sport and Leisure Management (BA)

Interested in marketing or advertising for a professional sports team? Or have you always wanted to direct an outdoor recreation organization? This BA combines human kinetics, recreation, business, and communications courses to provide you with the expertise you need for this field.

Bachelor of Arts in Corporate Communications (BA)

This newly developed program is designed to prepare graduates for senior leadership roles in corporate communications.Students take courses in both SAMC and the School of Business, learning to become capable communicators, equipped for senior corporate positions which involve team building, project management, media applications, and visual communication. They also will possess a basic understanding of business and competition in a global context. As well as equipping students to be creative writers, designers, and leaders in campaign development and delivery, the program will also train them to lead with integrity. The BACC program started in Fall 2010. This is a joint degree between the School of Business and School of the Arts, Media and Communications.

Biotechnology and Business Administration Interdisciplinary Major

This program, which includes a concentration in biotechnology and (at least) a minor in business administration, provides students with science and business perspectives of the biotechnology industry. This program is for students intending a career in the biotechnology industry with an emphasis on management and a good understanding of scientific issues. For further studies, completion of a major in business administration is recommended. Concentrations and Minors

Concentrations and Minors

A little business savvy goes a long way. If you're planning on majoring in another field, but want some business expertise to complement it, consider a concentration or minor in business administration, accounting, economics or information systems.

More Information?

For more information on the particular courses or requirements specific to any of these degrees, visit TWUs online academic calendar.