Campus Move In

UG Important Dates
Trinity Western University

Please take time to read through this message thoroughly and make note of what you'll need to do.

Before you arrive:

  1. You will need to register for a specific time (between 1PM – 4PM) to arrive on campus and move into your dorm. You will have one hour to move into your residence.
  2. A maximum of two family members/helpers can accompany you to help with your move. They will need to stay in your dorm and cannot access other parts of campus, and must leave campus within 1 hour of when they arrived.
  3. Please bring a mask as it will be needed at some point in the move-in process. If you do not have one, one will be provided.

When you arrive on campus at your selected time:

  1. You'll be greeted by a student leader and directed to the appropriate dorm building. (If you are feeling ill, you will be asked to move in at a later date. If anyone in the vehicle is ill, they will not be allowed to get out of the vehicle while on campus.)
  2. Once you arrive at your residence, you will check-in with Community Life staff and Student Leaders.
  3. Family members/helpers will need to wear a mask upon entering the building and common areas (e.g. hallways, lounges). Masks can be removed in your room.
  4. During your move-in block you must be in your vehicle, in your room, or moving between the two. It will not be possible to access other parts of campus.
  5. Washrooms in the residence lounges are available for guests' use.
  6. There will not be food available for family members/helpers on campus during the day. Students will be able to access the cafeteria.

We look forward to welcoming you to campus on Sunday, January 10! Please take a moment to register for your move-in time. Registering early will ensure you can secure the time that best fits for you and your schedule.