A TWU seminary student/TWU grad student must be enrolled in a minimum of 9 semester hours each semester. Students from the other seminaries of the consortium are not eligible for this program.TWU registered Graduate students hired for general work on campus will come under the current ‘student‘ program. All grad assistants (admin asst., teaching asst., research asst.) are paid at a rate set by each program, usually higher than undergrad assistants.

Although students’ status with the university can “vary” administratively (currently registered, on leave, unregistered for summer term but still “enrolled” in the program, continuation, all requirements completed but not yet having participated in the graduation ceremony, and so forth), for the purposes of “student” employment, it is within the discretion of the director of the program whether a person should be considered a “student” for purposes of hiring an assistant. That is, between the time of a person enroling in a program and their graduation or termination from a program, all assistants hired by SGS programs should be sent to the Campus Student Employment Coordinator in the Student Success Center.

After a person graduates (i.e., has participated in the graduation ceremony and has completed all requirements for the program—whichever comes later), that person would be considered an employee even if the work they are doing was considered a student assistant position prior to graduation. The implications of this change are that:

  • The person has to go through a standard HR hiring process, including interview for “fit” (university ‘fit’ would be handled as normal by HR but Directors would be asked for departmental ‘fit’ input as part of the process)
  • Would need to sign the statement of faith, the community covenant and the Sanctity of Marriage statement.
  • The applicability of ‘benefits’ would be as normal depending on position status
  • The usual HR policies regarding performance review would kick in. All employees whether through the Student Success Center or HR are covered for WCB. If the position is short term, temporary nature it does not need to be advertised.

TWU registered Graduate students hired by a specific professor for research or other work will be employed as ‘students’ but will take information from the professor regarding maximum hours, hourly wage and GL to which the salary is to be charged.