Before offering a regular campus position to an international student, the student must be full time, be employed only on the campus of registration, and possess a valid student authorization.

Social Insurance Number (SIN)

All students, national and international, require a SIN card to be employed in Canada, in addition to having a valid student authorization. All 900-series Social Insurance Numbers will only be valid for the length of employee’s student visa, to a maximum of five years, under recent changes to the Employment Insurance Regulations.

Under the new regulations, individuals must now demonstrate the need for a SIN under HRDC’s strengthened “proof of need” program.  HRDC has determined that the proof required will be in the form of a letter on letterhead signed by the Campus Student Employment Coordinator.  SINs issued after March 30, 2003 will come with an expiry date, but for payroll purposes, employees will keep their same SIN numbers as long as they apply in time with the appropriate supporting documents.

Service Canada says its adopting expiry dates for 900-series SINs to “...strengthen the integrity of the SIN.” These SINs are normally for temporary foreign workers and refugee claimants, many of whom have never applied for a standard SIN, even though they may now be permanent residents or Canadian citizens.

Visas and "On Campus" Work

"On Campus" student visa status means that the individual may work on any campus property where there is a work need. However, when away from the main campus property, the regulations would require that the work be more research or study oriented and would be performed by a student who was at least in an upper level course or graduate level studies.

For example, a Junior/Senior/Graduate student could be employed through the Learning Commons (formerly Student Success Centre) on the Saltspring property working with the Biology Dept. in gathering samples as part of a defined department or course project for a Professor. If they were clearing a trail at the same time while gathering samples that would be alright too. If however, they were there on the property with the only requirement being the clearing of a trail, then it would seem not to fit the definition.