A TWU undergrad student must be enrolled in a minimum of 12 semester hours. Hired students are required to work through the last day of classes but have the prerogative not to work during exam week.

Students who apply and demonstrate financial need as per provincial/federal criteria may be eligible. Those who meet the qualification for TWU bursaries are eligible to apply for on-campus employment. A student who is a recipient of the Torch Award is not eligible for this program.

Students must meet the qualifications of the position being advertised. For positions where extraordinary qualifications are required, employers may hire a student who doesn’t demonstrate financial need provided students with need do not meet the job qualifications.

Students cannot be on academic probation or special accountability.

All students employed on campus are considered to be employees of Trinity Western University.

  1. As employees of TWU each student must sign the TWU statement of Community Standards before they are eligible for employment. From September to April the TWU statement of Community Standards signed by each student, as part of the registration for the fall and spring semesters, serves to meet the above requirement for on-campus employment.
  2. Students who are employed on-campus from May 1 through August 31 (or if employment extends into this period) must complete an Application for Employment and sign Staff Community Standards before they are eligible to be employed by TWU. Applications are available through Campus Student Employment Coordinator (Angela Hama Loc. 3616) in the Learning Commons (formerly Student Success Centre).

Supervisors will produce and print an official letter of "Student Employment Appointment" through the on Campus Employer tool in Aqueduct. Once signed by the supervisor and the student, the official letter must be delivered by the student to Campus Student Employment Coordinator, in the Learning Commons (formerly Student Success Centre) where the remainder of the hiring procedures will be completed.

Letters of Appointment inform Payroll of the student’s status as an employee of TWU and will authorize payroll to release to the student payment for the work completed as verified by the student’s immediate supervisor. For more detail, see the Student Employment Procedure page.