Employers are looking to hire university student and recent graduates who know how to use their talents, strengths and interests. These students are career ready.

How do you become career ready? Mastering these career readiness competencies will prepare you for a successful transition into the workplace.



  • Create and edit written reports
  • Adjust communications based on audience needs
  • Listen well and read body language
  • Articulate clearly and accurately when speaking and writing


  • Effectively communicate to define common goals
  • Reach consensus on processes and solutions
  • Work together to identify and utilize the strengths of each member


  • Manage projects from beginning to end
  • Define and clarify roles, objectives and processes
  • Coach others on performance improvement
  • Understand how to motivate others and delegate responsibilities

Global Perspective

  • Respect the viewpoints of those from diverse cultures, races, ages, genders, religions and lifestyles to build collaborative relationships and communicate effectively
  • Ability to appreciate, value, and learn from other cultures and perspectives to move beyond tolerance
  • Understand one’s own biases and use that awareness to work to eliminate them

Critical thinking

  • Identify relevant information and analyze data
  • Restrain emotions during analysis
  • Collaborate to develop and test possible solutions
  • Adopt multiple perspectives and distinguish between fact and opinion


  • Value continuous learning
  • Be responsive to a variety of training formats
  • Demonstrate the ability to adapt to new and emerging technologies
  • Use technology ethically and efficiently to solve problems and accomplish goals


  • Career Management
  • Identify areas of professional growth
  • Navigate and explore job options
  • Take the necessary steps to pursue and advocate for opportunities in the workplace


  • Demonstrate integrity, resilience, accountability and ethical behaviour
  • Take initiative, maintain effective work habits (prioritize, plan and manage work) to produce high-quality results and project a professional presence
  • Use social media responsibly