Hiring for Fall
Students must be eligible for Student Employment as per Financial Aid criteria. A resume and cover letter needs to be submitted according to the employment posting. Supervisors are usually away during the summer months and are not likely to respond until the beginning of September. Interviews for student employment positions will not occur until early September and not applicants will be contacted for an interview. 

When are students paid
Pay days are the 15th and the last day of the month. If a pay day falls on a weekend you will be paid on the Friday before.

Did not get paid
Students will need to go to the Human Resource office (second floor of RSC) to meet with someone from Payroll. In some cases the issue may be regarding when a student's timesheet was submitted. If a timesheet was submitted late the student will not be paid until the next Pay Day.

Need a Social Insurance Number (SIN)
To apply for a Social Insurance Number a student must first be offered an on-campus student employment position with TWU. Once offered a position the student will be assisted in applying for a SIN when they bring their contract to the Learning Commons (formerly Student Success Centre).

Social Insurance Number (SIN) has expired
If your SIN has expired so has your Study Permit. Once you have your renewed Study Permit come to the Learning Commons (formerly Student Success Centre) for assistance with applying for a renewed Social Insurance Number.