There are many ways and places for students to get involved and volunteer. When it comes to volunteer opportunities Student Life attempts to point you in a few directions but keep in mind there are many more opportunities out there so be sure not to give up if at first you are not successful in finding the right volunteer experience for you.

Why Volunteer?

Why not? Volunteering is a win-win for all involved!

For you as the volunteer there can be some great experience for your resume; it can help to build your social skills while also broadening your perspective; and it can feel great to know you are helping others.

For an organization volunteers help to provide the critical component of people power for the many worthwhile causes that otherwise might be left undone.

For the recipient volunteers offer support, encouragement and most importantly a sense of hope for the future.

Where/How Can I Volunteer?

If you know of the type of organization you would like to volunteer with then look for a local chapter/branch and contact them with your desire to volunteer.


For those interested in volunteering but not sure where they would do so check out:
Volunteer Links and/or "Community Partnerships" to find local organizations to volunteer with.


Serarch online to see if any volunteer opportunities have been posted on