"Fast-Track" a Hire Procedure

When employers already have a student picked out for a particular position, rather than going through the extra work of advertising the position and having the student apply, the employer can use the "Fast Track" form on the On Campus Employer tool to fill in the minimal amount of information needed to produce the hiring paperwork and get the student into The Learning Commons (formerly Student Success Centre)'s system. When this happens, the first 4 stages of the process below are skipped.

Employment Process Stages

  1. Posting

    As a supervisor go to TWU Career Connect (www.twu.ca/careerconnect) and select "Employer". Enter your log-in information.  Once in your account select “Create Job Posting” from the right side menu, under “Shortcuts”.  

     If this is your first time on TWU Career Connect you will need to notify Kanchana Walberg ( kanchana.walberg@twu.ca ). Please indicate that you would like to set-up an “On-campus Student Employment” account along with the area you work in. Kanchana will set-up your account and provide you with the proper username and password.

  2. Application

    Students visit the student version of TWU Career Connect to browse and apply for positions. 

    (Students who have applied for Financial Aid and have been accepted for on campus employment will automatically see General Classification positions--any student may apply for Special Classification positions.)

  3. Review and Job Offer

    The Supervisor returns to their account in TWU Career Connect and reviews the resumes submitted by students. At this point, interviews may be set-up and conducted if desired. 

    When the supervisor has decided on an applicant, the On Campus Employer Tool can be used to create the contract required to employ a student.

  4. Student Acceptance

    Supervisors will want to either call or email students to inform them of their job offer. The Career Experience Office also recommends that supervisors send out a generic email to all candidates that applied but were not chosen for the specific role. This will help provide closure on the job prospect for students so they can focus their efforts on other opportunities.

  5. Supervisor Sign-off

    The supervisor prints and signs (with the student) the Student Employment Appointment (contract) and Confidentiality Agreement (non-disclosure agreement) documents. These documents can be created using the On Campus Employment Tool.  As a supervisor you will also need to fill out the New Student Employee Orientation Checklist. Click here to download and print off a copy of the checklist.

  6. Final Paperwork

    The student brings the documents outlined below to the Learning Commons (formerly Student Success Centre). If the student does not have a Social Insurance Number, the SSC will provide a letter for the student to take to Service Canada. Service Canada will provide a temporary SIN number to the student which they will need to bring to the Learning Commons (formerly Student Success Centre). A SIN number is required before the University's payroll can pay a student for their work.

Required documents

To complete the process, these documents are needed:

  • Student Employment Appointment (Contract)*
  • Confidentiality Statement (Non-Disclosure Agreement)*
  • New Student Employee Orientation Checklist*
  • TD1**
  • TD1BC**
  • Social Insurance Number** (may need to apply for this with HRSDC)
  • Student Visa (if applicable)**
  • Direct Deposit Form with void cheque from a Canadian bank

* printed and/or signed by Supervisor
** printed/photo-copied by student