Choosing a Major or Career: Strategies for getting started

Lectures & Workshops
Trinity Western University
Learning Commons

On Tuesday, November 24 @ 7 pm, Joelle Turner, Career Counsellor in the Learning Commons, will walk you through the active and thoughtful processes she uses to help students select a major and/or career path. Not sure what you want to major in? Join us on November 24 to take the first step.


Career Counsellor, Learning Commons

Trinity Western University | t. 604.513.2121 (3167)


In Major and Career Exploration sessions, we can talk about your dreams, values, gifts and experiences, and explore the fit with academic study (majors and minors) and future careers. We will use different tools and surveys to help you discover more about yourself. You will gain more clarity about what is important to you and identify next steps. There are no limits to exploration sessions!