Campus is a small community in and of itself. To service TWU residents and students, TWU provides an array of campus services that make life just a little bit easier.

Trinty Western Outfitters

Located at the heart of the student centre, the TW Outfitters sells everything from your textbooks to your favourite chocolate bar. The store’s large inventory includes popular books, apparel, gifts and school supplies.


In today’s marketplace, students need to find ways to differentiate themselves and gain practical experience before they graduate. The Career Experience & Student Leadership office assists students with experiential learning opportunities through internships, co-ops, volunteer roles, on-campus employment, and student leadership. Students who take the initiative can find meaningful experiences that will impact their current learning at TWU as well as their potential for future careers. 


Career services at TWU are provided by the Career Development Office. This department works to help students not only find employment, but also explore their sense of vocation. Their professional staff provide services in employment networking, resume and employment coaching, personal assessment, interview skills and co-op education.


The Community Life department facilitates educational opportunities and provides services to students so that all students – on campus residents, commuters, and international students – have the opportunity to reap the benefits of living in community.  Education opportunities include building mature relationships, learning about one's self, identity development, growing in personal and interpersonal competencies, independent and interdependent living, and living with integrity.  Services include housing placements (residents), collegium memberships (commuters), and cultural orientation and integration (international students).


TWU’s food provider, Sodexo, operates a full cafeteria in the student centre, as well as smaller café options in two other campus locations.

The main cafeteria offers a full menu, including grill specials, daily full meal menus, salad bar, and a sandwich and wrap bar. On-the-go option are always on hand for those in a hurry.

The “lower caf” in Douglas Centre is a favourite hang-out spot, with a Jugo Juice, Ethical Addictions Coffeeshop and Sub Connection. Cozy diner-inspired and close proximity to dorms makes this an all-day and late-night hub on campus.

The Cognocenti Café in the Devries Centre provides Starbucks espresso drinks and a light meal option to residents and students.


On-campus recreational facilities include a full gym, playing fields and tennis courts. A variety of fitness classes are held in Robson Hall. In addition, Recreation offers a variety of team sports for students of all levels of ability.


International Student Programs is a department of Student Life that works to promote cultural awareness and provide a comfortable, helpful atmosphere for international students away from home.


The Norma Alloway Library provides students with a variety of resources, including print volumes, electronic articles, microform and journals. The library sits adjacent to the student centre, and has many quiet study areas and private group study rooms.


Mail Services provides the campus with their mailing needs. Mailboxes are provided to students upon arrival at campus. Students can post packages and mail supplies from the main office in Douglas Centre. 


The Parent & Family Network provides additional services for parents of undergraduate students. The department serves as a link between the university and parents, fielding any specific concerns and organizing special events. The Parent & Family Network also provides the popular service “Touch of Home,” through which parents can send their student a variety of gifts for birthdays, special events, or just to brighten their day. 


Student Ministries at TWU is focused on developing spiritually maturing disciples of Jesus Christ.  Spiritual maturity is not found in doing one thing over and over until it is perfected.  Spiritual growth can occur through growing in love and devotion to God during times of worship.  Chapel services, which take place Monday-Friday from 11:00-11:30 am, provide an opportunity for the campus to gather and worship together. Spiritual growth is also deepened through times of bible study and prayer.  TWU provides many opportunities for small group bible studies, prayer, and mentoring to help students’ roots of faith to grow deep.  Finally, spiritual maturity occurs through local and global outreach.  By serving and loving others in Christ's name, students are able to grow in their understanding of God and how they can lead a significant and "impactful" life.


Campus Security is a part of the Security and Parking Services Department, and our office is located in the Welcome Centre at the main entrance of our campus. The in-house security staff is available to the whole campus 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days per year, to ensure that the campus is safe and secure.



The Learning Commons provides intentionally designed programs and resources that enhance the students’ ability to set goals, to persist academically, to develop skills and to establish informed decision-making practices based on a Christian worldview. The following services are available in the Learning Commons:

Success Coaching - study tools and resources to help students achieve their learning goals;

Disabilities/Equity of access – access to educational opportunities and academic accommodations for students with disabilities; and

Writing Centre - assistance in writing academic papers and other assignments.


The Transition Programs Office at TWU exists to help students in their practical transition into and out of the University, to foster a sense of belonging as students engage in the culture and community of TWU, to instill Godly Christian leadership principles and practices into every facet of students’ lives, and to prepare students for a lifetime of impact and significance in the world long after the completion of their degree.

A significant aspect of this mission involves helping students discover who God has created them to be, what He has called them to do, and how TWU can help them prepare for those unique callings. It is in these ways that transition to life at TWU is different than at any other university in Canada. 

In order to fulfill its mission, the Transition Programs Office has as its focus the following distinctive elements of successful transition: 

Discovering Purpose

Broadening Knowledge

Reaching Consistency

Deepening Skills

Collaborating Service


The Wellness Centre offers services to students in the areas of counseling, health, and recreation. The counseling staff provides a relaxed atmosphere to explore issues in a safe and supportive environment, to gain clarity and insight into problems, to enhance communications/interpersonal and problem-solving skills, and to learn goal setting and to develop a healthier lifestyle. A full-time campus doctor and nurse help you with all of your health-related needs.

Recreation Services promotes and delivers student-led wellness activities including intramurals, club teams, special events, group fitness, and equipment rentals.