McMillan Hall and Fraser Hall

Our campus apartments offer upperclassmen residents an independent experience with the advantage of remaining at the center of the campus environment. Apartments are specifically for upperclassman students who have at least 57 credit hours or are 21 years of age, and are looking for the environment of living in an apartment building as a tenant. All apartments have constant open co-ed hours, but do not allow opposite-gender sleeping arrangements. 

McMillan Hall has 30 apartments with a traditional setting including  kitchen, living room, and bathroom, in 1 or 2 bedroom formats. Fraser Hall also has thirty 1 and 2 bedroom apartments of a similar description. Apartment housing in Skidmore is “suite style”, where four single occupancy rooms share 2 bathrooms, a shower, kitchen and sitting area. Our newest building on campus will have a similar style to Skidmore with 3 single occupancy rooms in each apartment.

Community activities are organized by Apartment Community Reps, and include potlucks, progressive dinners, cooking seminars, and more.