Northwest Hall is known around campus as having a “family” atmosphere and provides a home to 1st and 2nd year female students on it's 3rd and 4th floors. Its setting offers incredible bird’s eye views of campus to the south and west, and local mountain ranges to the north and east. Housing in NW is "suite style", where two double occupancy rooms share an adjoining bathroom and shower. Having the most lounge space on campus per student Northwest Hall is the ideal place for studying, building relationships and experiencing the TWU community.

The first and second floors of Northwest Hall are home to the School of Business, TWU Extension, and Counseling Psychology Graduate program at TWU. The main floor supports a small cafe called the Cognoscenti or “Cog” for short that offers specialty coffees and a light meal menu.

Northwest Hall Amenities

1st and 2nd Floors

  • Elevator accessible
  • Wireless internet access available
  • Easy access to Business classes and faculty offices
  • Small Café on the main floor
  • Large laundry room on main floor outfitting change machine, 8 washing machines, 8 dryers, and 2 large sinks (shared by approx: 140 students) (coin-operated [$1.25 per cycle] large-load-capacity washers and dryers)

 3rd and 4th Floors

  • Two common floor lounges fitted with comfy couches and coffee tables, with large screen TVs, satellite, DVD players
  • Enclosed study rooms in two common lounges fitted with individual tables and chairs for study. Wireless accessible
  • 1 lounge per hall area fitted with whiteboard, coffee tables, and couches
  • 1 common lounge per hall fitted with small kitchen (microwave, fridge, and sink), coffee tables and couches
  • 2 small patio areas on the 4th floor