We want to support our large population of international students by providing our best understanding of the current visa processes.

We will do our best to keep this page up to date but please defer to the Government of Canada if you find any discrepancies as they will have the most accurate information. Please also note that we've discovered that there does seem to be a degree of variation of this process and results from person to person.

Returning Students

New Students

All International (including America)
Non-American International
Try and return to Canada if you would like to do so.

If you already have a Student Visa, students seem to be allowed to return to Canada if they have something substantive to return to. While this usually includes a face-to-face class, there have been instances of students with online classes being allowed to cross the border due to housing leases, ongoing job obligations, etc. Your ability to cross the border will be up to the discretion of the official at the point of entry.

Try and enter Canada if you have a face-to-face class.

Incoming American students seem to qualify for entry to Canada if they have a Student Visa and have a face-to-face class. Study Permit applications must be done online and not at the port of entry to Canada. If all classes are online, you should begin your classes online from home.

Begin your studies online from home.

Non-American International students need to have a study permit from prior to March 18, so incoming students will not be able to cross the border.

Immigration Letter

In order to facilitate a safe and effective arrival in Canada during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Canadian government will require a Verification of Enrollment letter from TWU. To receive your letter, you must have submitted a quarantine plan to the university and fill out the letter request form below. All students have been emailed a personal link to submit their quarantine plan, but if you have not seen this in your email and need a new link, please visit the link below.

COVID-19 Readiness Letter (TWU Travel Letter)


Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has recently changed the regulations governing study permits for international students, including Americans. As a result of these changes, the Registrar's Office has a new process for students to request a border-crossing letter. It is now essentially a letter confirming that students are enrolled at TWU. To request this Letter, please fill out a Verification Letter for Enrolment Form, found anytime on the Form Page. Please submit completed forms here and we will be in touch once your request is processed.


We recommend all international students coming into Canada to arrive by August 21, to ensure you have enough time for the two-week quarantine period. If you are a resident student who will be quarantining on Langley campus, please visit our quarantine details page for more information.

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