Current Provincial Restrictions


February 19, 2021: British Columbia remains under provincial COVID-19 restrictions which were extended indefinitely on February 5, 2021. At that time, students and employees received email communication from TWU. We anticipate updates to this status in the coming weeks and the TWU Public Health Team will continue to communicate as information becomes available.
It is also important to note the Federal Government has updated international travel guidelines which have begun to take effect this week and next. All the details can be found online, and we will work to update our International Student pages regarding this and other items in the coming weeks.

January 25, 2021: On January 22, BC released the province's COVID-19 Vaccine Campaign. The BC plan is projected based only on the two COVID-19 vaccines currently approved for use in Canada, Pfizer and Moderna, both mRNA vaccine platforms which require two-doses. Timelines may change if we have added products approved for use in Canada or from supply-chain impacts. You can find information on these products, the vaccine plan and other questions at the BC Center for Disease Control. BC has articulated a 4-phase approach, focusing first on the most vulnerable populations and protecting our health care system in the first two phases through March 2021. Starting in April, vaccine roll-out will expand to the general population with order of eligibility determined primarily by age through Phases 3 & 4 until October 2021; older age is by far the greatest risk factor for negative health outcomes and death in COVID-19 cases. COVID-19 vaccine will be accessible for free by all people living in Canada, even those who are not citizens or permanent residents like international students. A section on Vaccine information will be added to the TWU COVID-19 website in the coming weeks as more information is made available.