Trinity Western University is expanding the way that students will be able to access education this fall.

We have good news. Instead of waiting for borders to re-open and travel restrictions to lift, we are expanding our face-to-face campus learning with a bold, multi-access delivery model. Our innovative multi-access approach will allow a seamless transition to on-campus learning for those who are able to travel, while providing all students greater flexibility in their learning.

Our ultimate aim continues to be a full return to campus as soon as it is safe for students to do so. We place a high value upon health and safety and are committed to doing all that we can to ensure the well-being of our entire community. We do not want the inability to study on campus this fall to mean an individual cannot access a Trinity Western University education. We are committed to providing education without borders by offering a variety of ways for students to begin their studies for the upcoming academic year.

At Trinity Western University, transformative education can happen regardless of borders, time zones, or location. Our multi-access platform allows students the flexibility of learning face-to-face, online or a combination of the two, depending on the subject matter and individual circumstance of each student. This coming semester will be different for everyone and we are committed to supporting students well regardless of their physical or geographical setting. Our multi-access approach will allow students to move dynamically between educational modes as we progress towards fully returning to a safe on-campus learning environment.

Whole-person education is a hallmark of the Trinity Western University experience. We have designed multi-access with this in mind: key areas of the university that contribute to the unique TWU student experience, including Student Life, Resident Life, Chapel and the Learning Commons, are adapting the way they care for and support the academic, social, and spiritual development of students to make the complete TWU experience available to all students.

What is a Multi-Access Campus?

Multi-access simply means that you can access your courses in a number of flexible ways, including:

  • On campus, in-person (contingent on updated BC Provincial Health regulations and policies)
  • Online remotely, at the same time as your professor and peers (known as “synchronous”)
  • Online remotely, at the same pace, but a different time from your professor or peers (known as “asynchronous”)
  • Or, a combination of the above

Education without Borders: Uninterrupted Learning

As a student, you will not be restricted to any one mode of access. For example, you may choose to begin classes in September online remotely. Then, later in the semester, as circumstances allow, you may choose to make the move back to campus. At this point, you will then be able to integrate seamlessly into in-person classes without needing to change your registration, you’ll simply remain part of the same courses you began the semester with, regardless of where you are accessing them.

This multi-access model allows you to switch among modes of access as you choose, without any interruption to your learning. Our hope is that this provides peace of mind to you and your family, letting you confidently enroll for classes on or after May 11, 2020 when course registration opens.

The Full Student Experience

In the meantime, be assured that the signature TWU student experiences will still be available and enhanced with increased accessibility through multi-access delivery. These include:

  • Student Life Discipleship Groups
  • Chapel Ministries and Podcasts
  • Freshman Learning Cohorts
  • Personalized mentoring by Student Success Coaches
  • Personalized writing help by Writing Coaches
  • Responsive e-Librarians and Research Help
  • TWUSA Student Government
  • Financial Aid and Emergency Funding

The Benefits of a Multi-Access Campus

The main benefits of a Multi-Access campus are safety, flexibility and ease of access.  You can start your courses this September from anywhere – and continue in that location or move closer to campus – without any interruption in learning.

Multi-access learning is not new; it is a teaching and learning model that TWU has been developing and using for years, primarily in our highly regarded and innovative graduate-level degrees, such as the Masters in Nursing (MSN), Great Wall MBA and the Masters in Leadership (MA) programs.  

Multi-access increases access and opens up the opportunity for more students to study, including students with mobility challenges or physical disability, students living around the globe, and students who work part- or full-time.

In This Together

Our mission at TWU remains the same: to foster a new generation of godly leaders with thoroughly Christian minds who are ready to actively participate in Christian community and become ambassadors of God’s reconciliation in the world. This mission requires your participation.

Your decision to come to TWU will uniquely prepare you for the new, post-COVID-19 world. This is your chance to be among a courageous generation of new leaders who are preparing to face the world by being thoroughly trained and educated in faith, knowledge and leadership. A university education is a bold endeavor in any season, no less this one.

Should you take up the challenge to participate in becoming a new cohort of Christian leaders, you will experience TWU’s highly individual level of support. We gladly receive you this Fall 2020 through whatever mode of access you choose.  You will need to secure your course registration soon, so that we can arrange the resources necessary to make your experience the best one possible.

Finally, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at any time through our website. We are continually renewing our Campus Information page with up-to-date information.

We look forward to welcoming you this September.