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Trinity Western University
Northwest Auditorium
7600 Glover Road
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From Jane Jacobs to Warren Buffett: The Role of Beauty in Science, and in Making Sense of Information

Guest Speaker: Dr. Timothy Patitsas

Description:  Chapter 22 of Jane Jacobs’ The Death and Life of Great American Cities does not get nearly the attention it deserves as an important key to understanding the relationship among pre- modern, modern, and postmodern ways of knowing. Jacobs wrote this chapter, which argues that there are three distinct types of science, as a justification for her proposal that we rely on organic methodologies in the study of urban order; she would later apply this same methodology to a re-founding of economic science.

Educators, who deal with students who tend to prefer one or another of these three styles of knowing, will also find this chapter useful. In fact, in Jacobs’ account of a unified approach to knowing, we discover a way to reestablish the university as more than a co- location of separate disciplines, by paying careful attention to the quantity, quality, and potency of information in the fields that we study.

Finally, in the epistemology of investor Warren Buffett, we can see the special attraction of high quality information for an ethical life in the context of broad social responsibilities.

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