EDUC 504 Evaluating Statistics and Research
EDUC 513 Current Issues and Research in Students with Diverse Learning Needs 
EDUC 514 Assessment of Students with Diverse Learning Needs 
EDUC 515 Lab: Field Based Assessments and IEP Development
EDUC 516 Educating Students with Diverse Cognitive Needs
EDUC 517 Educating Students with Diverse Emotional and Behavioural Needs
EDUC 518 Educating Students with Diverse Sensory Abilities
EDUC 519 Special Topics (for non-thesis students)
EDUC 599 Ethical Issues in Diversity

EDUC 601 Research Design
EDUC 602 Advanced Research Design & Statistics
EDUC 603 Comprehensive Exam (non-thesis students)
EDUC 697 Knowledge Translation Project 
EDUC 698 Thesis I
EDUC 699 Thesis II

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