Welcome to the Department of English and Creative Writing at Trinity Western University!  We hope that you will enjoy discovering what our department offers students who choose to pursue English Studies at the university level. We are constantly surprised and delighted to hear from our graduates who let us know what they are doing with their English degrees.  In a survey of our alumni, we learned that nearly 100 percent of our former students would come to Trinity Western to study English if they had the opportunity to choose again! They have pursued careers as elementary, secondary and university teachers, lawyers, creative writers, screen writers, artists, speech pathologists, editors, research assistants, web delivery managers, librarians, political lobbyists and aids, development officers, public relations workers and religious leaders (to name a few).

The study of literature forms the foundation for all who wish to study the human condition in its myriad of complexities and mysteries and to understand ourselves as "overdetermined" intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual beings from a rich range of perspectives, most notably from biblical points of view which place great importance on ethical and charitable encounters with all those with whom we come into contact.

In addition to an English major, minor, or concentration, and a creative writing stream, we also have a robust Honours program for students who wish to prepare more fully for graduate school.  As part of the M.A. in Humanities (English Stream), we offer graduate courses in areas of special interest to students going onto a Ph.D. in English.

The English Department is a lively, exciting and supportive place to study. We hold events for students throughout the year including poetry readings, special evenings of spiritual readings, guest lectures, and a graduation tea.  As professors, we consider it a privilege to know and work alongside our students as they prepare for their futures.

Dr. Holly Faith Nelson 
Chair, Department of English and Creative Writing