Facing Pressures To Confrom - Understanding the World of our Young People

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South Abbotsford Church
32424 Huntington Road
Abbotsford, BC

Free Public Event

Paul Chamberlain, Ph.D.
Director, TWU Institute of Christian Apologetics


Many parents and leaders are increasingly concerned that their young people are being pressured in subtle, yet powerful, ways to conform to the spirit of our secular society. The incentives to go along with what is politically correct are strong.

We'll attempt to bring some clear and honest thinking to this quagmire of questions. What is this thing called political correctness? How does it work? How concerned should we be about it, and why? Where do things like SOGI and the TWU court case fit? Most importantly, what can we do to enable our young people to live out and express their Christian faith with integrity and confidence in the midst of it all?

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