“Take only photos, leave only footprints”

While we welcome all members of the University community, including the general public, we do ask that you adhere to these basic rules during your visit so that we can ensure the continued enjoyment of this area for many others.

Stay on designated trails. Much of the vegetation in this area is quite sensitive to trampling, and the soil erodes quickly when it is disturbed. As well, certain areas are used by Environmental Studies students for research purposes and need to be left undisturbed.

Foot traffic only. Things like motorized vehicles, bicycles, skis, and horses can cause excessive erosion on the trails and often result in damage to trailside vegetation. As well, they pose a threat to pedestrian traffic.

No pets. Even the smell of domestic animals often discourages wild animals from inhabiting an area. As we want to encourage native animal diversity in the ESA, pets must be banned.

No smoking or littering. Not only is smoking against Trinity Western University community standards, but it is a fire hazard and results in litter and air pollution.

Do not remove or disturb wildlife or vegetation. We would like to keep our wildlife and vegetation as pristine and untouched as possible, which means leaving it where it is.