The Salmon River Trail

Completed in February 2005, the Salmon River Trail runs along the perimeter of Trinity Western University’s main campus. This trail is open to the University as well as the general public for recreational use and environmental education. While enjoying the trail, users will travel through various types of habitat, including the flood plain between the Salmon River and the TWU Lake and second-growth forest with healthy riparian areas for several tributaries of the Salmon River. All we ask is that you follow our basic rules as you travel the trail.

Every September there is an annual Salmon River Trail Race which features individual races as well as 4-person relay teams. For more information and dates, please contact Prof. Karen Steensma.

Guided Tours

Interested in having a guided tour of the ESA? Let us know what size and type of group you are, as well as what topics you would like covered, and we will do our best to meet your needs. For more information or to make a booking for a tour, please contact Christopher Hall.