In partnership with Fuller Seminary, TWU is participating in a grant-funded project entitled “Science, Faith, and Human Flourishing: Conversations in Community” for the 2018-19 academic year.

The purpose is to engage undergraduate students, the campus community, and the wider public around matters of science and Christian faith in ways that foster human flourishing. This takes place in community, with nuance, engaging topics with both academic and pastoral approaches.


  • environmental stewardship
  • nature of the human person
  • history of science
  • Scriptural interpretation
  • cosmic and life history & origins
  • technology
  • gender

… and more!

​​Project Team

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Advisory Team



  • Event Listings
  • Types of Events Planned
    • film, followed by panel of faculty
    • lectures (by TWU faculty and guest speakers)
    • panel discussions
    • live streams (all Regent Interface lectures in Fall 2018 livestreamed in Northwest Auditorium)
    • conversations with faculty (dorm lounges, collegia)
    • chapel talks
      • Alister McGrath, September 18, 2018
      • Darrel Falk & Todd Wood (evolutionary and young-earth creationists in conversation), March 7, 2019

Input Needed

Please contact us with your ideas, suggestions, questions, comments, and feedback.

Online Engagement

Follow our social media channels, share and comment online, broaden the conversation.


We are thankful for the partnership of the Canadian Scientific & Christian Affiliation, through its Vancouver chapter, in providing additional publicity and resources for us.