Full Professor Inaugural Lecture, Dr. Myron Penner, “Science, Sexuality, and Sola Scriptura: Rescuing Faith from Evangelicals.”

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Trinity Western University
Alumni Hall, Reimer Student Centre
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Please join Dr. Myron Penner in celebrating this important milestone.
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BIO: Myron A. Penner is Professor of Philosophy at Trinity Western University. His PhD is from Purdue University (2007) with areas of specialization in epistemology, philosophy of religion, and philosophy of science.
Prior to joining the faculty at TWU in 2005, he was a pre-doctoral fellow at the University of Notre Dame’s Centre for Philosophy of Religion.
In 2013-14, he was a John Templeton Foundation Visiting Research fellow at Ryerson University as part of a team investigating whether God’s existence would make things better or worse, and if so in what respects.
In 2015-17, he was a recipient of a Scholarship and Christianity in Oxford, “Bridging Two Cultures” grant which has resulted in a number of collaborative, multidisciplinary projects in science and religion.
In 2014, Myron helped found and was appointed Director of what would eventually be called the Humanitas Anabaptist-Mennonite Centre at TWU.
His areas of teaching at TWU are primarily in philosophy of religion, and he regularly teaches courses that explore philosophical dimensions to belief in God, including the philosophical impact of suffering and evil on belief, and the connection, if any, between rationality and religious belief.

ABSTRACT: “Science, Sexuality, and Sola Scriptura: Rescuing Faith from Evangelicals.”

Different Christian subcultures employ various strategies when dealing with perceived tensions between science and religious belief, or between cultural morality and their own religiously based morality. For example, some evangelicals attempt to subordinate both science and moral intuition to the interpretation of biblical texts, adopting some version of Martin Luther’s doctrine of “sola scriptura” or “scripture alone.”
I demonstrate the philosophical, theological, and practical challenges to this strategy. In its stead, I offer an Anabaptist version of the Wesleyan Quadrilateral, where alongside scripture, reason, tradition, and experience are also seen as intellectual resources and are interpreted in community.

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