Full Professor Inaugural Lecture, Matthew Etherington

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Trinity Western University
Alumni Hall, Reimer Student Centre
7600 Glover Road
Langley, BC V2Y 1Y1

Full Professor Inaugural Lecture, Matthew Etherington, “The Problem with Educational Transformation: Rethinking the Mission to Educate Others in an Era of Change, Progress and Uncertainty”

All are welcome to attend the Full Professor Inaugural Lecture of Matthew Etherington, PhD., Professor of Education.
Among some of the key assumptions that schools and universities share in common is thinking of change, empowerment, transformation and innovation as an inherently progressive force. Some of the main theorists for progressive and transformational change were Paulo Freire and John Dewey. They drew on a tradition of thinking that emphasized a Western linear understanding of transformation, progress (simple to complex), decolonization and re-inhabitation. These two thinkers are important because schools and educational institutions have adopted—in most cases unconsciously—many of their suggestions.

However, what if the ideas espoused by these thinkers were fundamentally mistaken and just a mask for advancing a deep seated ethnocentrism and consumerist mindset with abstract references to valuing differences?

In his lecture, Matthew will examine this question in light of the importance of preserving the cultural commons that have existed in every community since the beginning of time. In particular, he will discuss the ideology that takes for granted the progressive nature of change and the root metaphors (the meta-cognitive schemata) that other communities are expected to live by.

He will conclude with some thoughts on preserving the central tenets of heritage and relationship by conserving and preserving the diverse practices, values and traditions that have sustained cultures for thousands of years.

BIOGRAPHY: Matthew achieved his Ph.D. in the philosophy of education from Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia while completing doctoral research at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE). He is presently a Professor in the School of Education and Director of the "Institute of Indigenous Issues and Perspectives (IIIP)”.
His primary interests are in epistemological inclusion in education, Aboriginal pedagogy, outcomes, assessment and philosophy. Matthew has published three books, Changing Careers to Become a Teacher: A  Study of Mature Age Preservice Teachers in Career Transition and Foundations of Education: A Christian Vision (editor and author); and What Teachers Need to Know: Topics of Inclusion (editor and author). He writes on a diversity of topics in education and spirituality using a philosophical lens for analysis.

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