The Geneva Society for Reformational Worldview Studies at TWU Host, Public Lecture, Jim Mullins, “Gardening in Babylon: Work, Calling, and Reimagining the Mundane”

Academic Events
Trinity Western University
Northwest Auditorium
Northwest Building
Langley, BC V2Y1Y1

In recent years, there has been a resurgence of theological reflection on work, calling, and the importance of seeing all of life under the Lordship of Christ. However, many people still struggle to connect this rich theology with the specific tasks of their employment, educational pursuits, and responsibilities in the home. This is especially true when it comes to the seemingly mundane tasks of life. In this lecture, Jim Mullins will argue that we need more than a theology of work and vocation; we need a theological imagination that helps us reframe all of life in light of the Biblical Story.

How does the doctrine of creation shape the way we organize our calendars? How does a robust eschatology shape the way a teacher writes a lesson plan? How can our textbooks become catalysts for worship and wonder? How does Jesus’ call to love our neighbours transform the work of forensic accountants, biology students, and custodial staff? These kinds of questions can only be answered if we have a theological imagination that allows us to see the whole scope of human life through the lens of the Biblical Story.

Along with a discussion about how our work is reframed by the Biblical Story, we will spend some time reflecting on how to discern our particular callings and how to live into the unique good works for which we were created. Jim Mullins is the pastor of theological and vocational formation for Redemption Church, helps lead the Surge Network, and leads the Faith, Work, and Rest Initiative in Tempe, Arizona.

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