GENV 312
Wilderness, Water, and Global Warming: Canadian Environmental History

A thematic case study approach to Canadian Environmental History that highlights the nation's unique reciprocal relationships with nature as illustrated through ideas (Wilderness), material resources (Water) and social/ethical issues (Global Warming). Investigates how "natural"ť elements like climate, topography, plants, animals and diseases have influenced our choices about nature, and how "cultural"ť content, like "clean/green"ť energy initiatives, pipeline projects, save the whale campaigns, and fear of climate change, have shaped our perceptions of the places we inhabit. Critically engages the ethical decisions we make about the environment that may determine the future we wish to construct as Canadian and global citizens.

Offered every other year.
HIST 339
6 sem. hrs. of geography and environment including one of GENV 111, 212, 131, or 230 or instructor's consent.