GENV 372

This internship course gives students an opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills acquired in the classroom to a real world work environment. The course is an efficient way to hone students' practical skills in spatial information science (SIS) and analysis within the realms of geography, environmental science, and/or geographic information systems (GIS) helping them gain valuable work experience by learning new skills, gaining new perspectives in integrating SIS, exploring the SIS work environment, and networking with the experts in this field. This practicum is offered as a tripartite arrangement that includes: the student, the University's course instructor/program coordinator, and the approved practicum supervisor in a reputable government department, business, or non-profit/non-governmental organization.

Pass/Fail course. See geography and environment coordinator/department chair.
Third year standing with a minimum of 9 sem. hrs. of geography and environment including two of GENV 111, 121, 131, 212, 282 or instructor's consent.