Welcome to the Environmental Health Lab!  We are currently collaborating with Trinity Western University's School of Nursing to study the effects of elimination communication. See the invitation to participate below.

Invitation to Participate

Elimination Communication and Normal Infant Crying: A Pilot Study (2016)

You and your infant are invited to take part in a research study on the effects of EC on normal, but unexplained, infant crying.   Unexplained infant crying peaks at 6 to 8 weeks and is considered normal. However, researchers are wondering if some crying can be explained by the infant’s need to eliminate.

Participation is open to you if you are a Lower Mainland mother who has a baby who is less than 4 weeks, you and your baby are both in good health, you have learned how to use EC together and are committed to practicing EC for the duration of the study.

Please contact Dr. Geraldine Jordan at geraldine.jordan@twu.ca for more information.


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