Geographic Information Systems:

A powerful tool and employable skill in today’s digital world.

Welcome to the digital earth, where computing meets the globe!

Explore the power of digital technology to map, analyze and understand the earth and its phenomena and processes.  Discover how to map and analyze geographic phenomena such as earthquakes, hurricanes, climate change, urban environments, and more.  Analyze environmental issues and responses to humanitarian crises using the power of spatial analysis. 

What is the TWU GIS Certificate and what will I learn?

The TWU GIS Certificate is a 15 semester-hour credit certification that will introduce you to the basics of digital geospatial technologies, such as computer mapping and Geographic Information Systems, and allow you to explore and develop spatial skills, as well as equipping you with spatial analytical skills that are employable in today’s workplace.

Learn GIS. Chart a new course.  Change your world.


GENV 182  Digital Earth

GENV 282 Geographic Information Systems

GENV 382 Applied Geographic Information Systems

GENV 383 Geographic Data Analysis

GENV 482 Geovisualization and Analysis