At Trinity Western University, the impact of your giving is felt throughout the University but most of all in the lives of our students. Your support is having a direct impact, and we are deeply grateful.  

We asked some of our students to share how much your support means to them and how grateful they are for the life-changing impact your donations have made in their lives. We also asked them what they love most about Trinity Western University and what they think must not change for future students who attend.  

Find out what they said below. 

Hannah DeVries

"I consider myself deeply indebted to the TWU donors as they have made attending my dream university a possibility. Without the generosity that I was shown through my three short years at TWU, I wouldn’t have been able to obtain my bachelor’s degree in English. Thank you TWU donors for your generous contributions to my future!" 

What you love most about TWU? The lifelong relationships that are made not only in peers but professors and faculty members is what makes Trinity Western University unique. The generosity and care that I experienced during my undergrad degree was apparent, but it has even continued after graduating as I still feel a part of the Trinity Western community. 

What must not change at TWU? Something I pray that doesn’t change for future students are the opportunities for leadership. My leadership positions set me up for success before entering the workforce and taught me invaluable things that I wouldn’t have been able to learn in any other environment. 

Parker Kent

“The generous donors have been able to give me an experience at Trinity Western University that has impacted my life forever.”  

What you love most about TWU? The thing that I love about Trinity Western University is the culture and atmosphere that captivates the way you look at life. But also, you can live through what it means to live as a Christian in a safe environment.  

What must not change at TWU?The things that should never change at Trinity Western University are their way of building future leaders and teaching people how to build strong relations with the people around them. Also never change TWU’s idea of how community builds strong relationships. 


Rose Henderson

“Thank you for all of your kind donations and for making it more possible for me to go to school here. As a discipleship group leader on campus, it’s a pleasure to get to be in community with other students as we spend time getting to know our God better. Not having to worry about money as much while serving in this position is a blessing, so thank you for your generous donations towards my education!” 

What you love most about TWU? I love the space that is made at TWU for growth in faith, relationship with God, and discipleship. It really encourages conversation about spirituality and diversity in these things, providing opportunities to learn from each other. 

What must not change at TWU? I think the green space on campus is really important for this community: even as we build new parts onto the campus, I think having the space to enjoy God’s beauty in nature is really valuable and healthy for us all to take advantage of.