The TWU Growth Fund

The TWU Growth Fund is a way for donors to contribute to TWU and the student experience in three important ways, student scholarships, wellness and capital projects. Through contributing to the Growth Fund donors are able to make a significant impact in the lives of our students and help them become a generation of leaders who will be sent out to serve God and people in the various marketplaces of life.

Student Scholarships

An important part of making TWU a reality for prospective students is addressing their financial needs. We offer both merit-based and need-based aid, and incoming students receive an average of $5000 of Financial Aid and Awards. Your contribution to this fund will award the marvellous gift of an enriching education at TWU to a gifted student who would not otherwise have the means to attend.


Our educational environment focuses not only on strong academics, but whole-person development. In light of the unprecedented levels of anxiety and depression experienced on campuses across North America, TWU provides the means and places to proactively address student mental health needs. Your gift will increase student access to “The Well”—a vital relaxation and mental health space that allows students to take time to rest and mentally recharge. Your gift also increases availability and timely access to our team of clinical counsellors in the TWU Wellness Center.

Capital Projects

One of our goals is to create shared community and living spaces for our students to maximize learning opportunities and build strong relationships. An investment in this area will contribute to the transformation of and on-going improvements to important community spaces that foster rewarding student life—whether that be residence buildings, common areas, classroom upgrades. This has a significant impact on the lives of our students who experience our campus daily.