As the Trinity Western community adjusts to the COVID-19 situation, about 80 percent of our student body has returned home. However, approximately 266 students (20%) must remain on campus, including 180 international students—who, after exhausting all efforts, cannot return home because of travel disruptions and restrictions to destination countries currently under lockdown. 

About half of our international students do not have meal plans and are cooking for themselves; however, many of them do not have easy transportation off-campus and may soon face restrictions that will prevent them from accessing grocery stores safely. To care for our students, we will subsidize food costs, provide gift cards, and offer daily shuttle service to help students go grocery shopping. 

TWU understands that everyone is facing their own unique challenges at this moment, including yourself. And while it is only natural to focus on solving our own challenges, during this time of physical distancing we need to pull together as a community and support one another more than ever. And so we kindly and humbly ask you to join our efforts to feed students who cannot return home.

Your gift will go directly to food purchases and physically nourish students on campus.