RRIFs: TWU's Registered Retirement Income Fund

Current Interest Rate


From January 1, 2023 to June 30, 2023


The Trinity Western University Group Retirement Income Fund is a plan under which investors can establish an annuity that will provide regular income to holders age 71 and older. The plan invests in a first mortgage on a University property qualified investment under the Income Tax Act (Canada) at a competitive interest rate. There is no administration or other cost to the annuitant. All costs of operation, administration and marketing are borne by Trinity Western University.

Application Forms & Information

For application forms, T2033 transfer forms, or additional information contact:

Trinity Western University Registered Investments Office

E-mail: legacy@twu.ca


Structure and Administration

TWUs Group Retirement Income Fund:

  • is registered with Canada Revenue Agency as RIF 1374;
  • is trusteed by Canadian Western Trust Company;
  • is primarily administered by Canadian Western Trust Company under a Memorandum of Agreement with the University;
  • Invests in a pari passu first mortgage on certain campus property.

Plan Set-up and Transfers

To participate in the Group RRIF plan, supporters of Trinity Western University must complete an application form. The plan is open to any investor who would like to turn their RRSP into a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual income annuity. Upon acceptance, regular income will be paid by the trust company. The government has set up a minimum amount formula that must be paid out of a RRIF each year for everyone 71 years of age or older. In addition, TWU's minimum payment is $250, regardless of frequency. Existing RRIF plans on deposit with other institutions can be transferred in using a T2033 transfer form on maturity of the interest period. [We welcome individual, spousal or RRSP inquiries.]

Prevailing Interest Rates

Annuitant plans are invested in a mortgage on a specified Trinity Western University property. The interest rate is set at the beginning of each half-year with reference to the prevailing rates in effect at that time. As an added feature, interest is compounded and credited semi-annually to annuitant accounts. Please see rate box on the side bar above for the current interest rate.

Reporting to Annuitants

Personal statements of income paid are mailed at least annually by February 28 of each year for the previous year.  These statements are accompanied by the Auditor's verification requests.

Security Disclosure Statement

The proceeds from this private offering are used to fund capital costs of the University. The investor's security is an interest in a mortgage against the campus property. This mortgage is held on a pari passu basis with a mortgage issued to the primary lending institution. Investments in this mortgage are not guaranteed. The mortgage is not covered by any insurance. As such, the investors should consider the appropriateness of this investment for their purposes.

Declaration of Trust

The Declaration of Trust is an integral part of the Specimen Plan registered with Canada Revenue Agency and contains the formal terms, conditions, and stipulations that govern the operation of the Plan. A copy of this Declaration will be issued to you when purchasing a RRIF from, or transferring a RRIF to TWU.


TWU RRIF funds are not government guaranteed or insured by the Canadian Deposit Insurance Corporation. No securities commission or similar regulatory authority has passed on the merits of the securities offered nor has reviewed this information summary. As these are being offered under section 46 of the Securities Act, the purchaser will therefore not have any civil remedies available in the Securities Act. A purchase of the securities offered must be considered speculative and will not qualify for a charitable donation for income tax purposes in case of default. The above information is for general information only and not intended to provide legal or tax advice.


Existing RRSP or RRIF plans on deposit with other institutions can be transferred to the TWU plan using a T2033 transfer form. The T2033 forms are available through our Registered Investment office. Email legacy@twu.ca.

Fee Schedule

The Following charges will be deducted from your plan as applicable: Account closure $100 Withdrawal or Transfer (partial) $50

Complaint Handling

TWU is in compliance with the changes to the Registered Products Regulation. Please be advised of the following: Canadian Western Trust encourages clients to raise questions or concerns about any issue by contacting our Client Service Team at 1-800-663-1124. Additional information can be found in Canadian Western Bank’s complaint handling brochure which is available upon request at any CWB branch or office and on the CWB web site at www.cwbankgroup.com.

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