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Master of Arts in Leadership

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The MA in Leadership and the MA in Educational Leadership degrees are offered with two foundational curriculum themes – Transformational Servant Leadership and Values Based Leadership. Our degree programs are designed to develop emerging leaders in five areas of specialization (Business, Christian Ministry, Education, Health, and Non Profit). View our program brochures: LEADERSHIP for an interconnected world and LEADING...TRANSFORMING...&MAKING SENSE.

Servant Leadership at Trinity Western University

Testimony of Transformation

We have a curriculum learning orientation described as a leadership FIELD approach:

  • Focused and facilitated learning
  • Integrated leadership thinking and practice
  • Experiential leadership application
  • Leadership across diverse sectors
  • Development of individual and team leadership capacity and impact

The MA Lead and MAEL degree leadership competency model emphasizes specific leadership capabilities that all learners will experience in their learning journeys:

  • At the core of the leadership competency model is transformation servant leadership as a first-dimension competency of importance – coupled with Leadership Values that are clear.
  • Moving out from the core is the second dimension of importance – Higher Ordered Thinking & Analysis
  • The outer circles of the leadership competency model are 9 specific competencies that intersect and enable enhanced leadership capability – Adaptability & Change, Results, Team Leadership, Planning & Organizing, People Development, Relationship & Collaboration, Innovation, Service & Quality Orientation, Visioning & Strategic Thinking

Our new capstone course is a focused and facilitated Leadership Integration Project that applies the leadership competency model, which each learner completes as part of the degree. This is a major effort to improve leadership capacity and impact across the diverse sectors on which our program is focused.



Intended for those in the business world who want to take their leadership to the next level, especially those who have some managerial experience or are moving into positions that require skilled leadership.

Christian Ministry

Provides a balanced perspective on the unique personal and organizational challenges facing leaders in Christian ministry organizations. Students examine the interface between the organization and its broader socio-cultural environment, including leading change for improved outcomes.


Designed for formal and informal leadership roles in educational settings, the MA in Educational Leadership and MA in Leadership for Education equip graduates to shape their organizations in visible and meaningful ways, positively influencing future generations of learners.


Examines the role of specialized leadership in the health care industry and focuses on how that change can have a positive impact on the people's health. The stream will appeal to all professionals with middle- and senior-level responsibilities in various health agencies.


Prepares leaders to address the special community challenges and opportunities that volunteer-based, non-profit organizations experience today. Courses address the special challenges non-profit organizations face, such as working well with volunteers, financial support and development activity, governance operations, unique socio-cultural considerations, and influencing vested organization stakeholders.


"Fear is the strategy of the number 2 and number 3 players.  You only get to be the best if you are the one with the clearest vision."  John Dooner