GUEST SEMINAR Craig M. Gay (Regent College): “Modern Technology and the Diminishment of the Human”

Academic Events
Trinity Western University
Northwest Auditorium
22500 University Drive
Langley, BC V2Y1Y1


Craig M. Gay, PhD, Regent College


Michael Morelli, PhD, ACTS Seminaries

Craig M. Gay is Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies at Regent College (Vancouver), lecturing in the area of Christianity, Society, and Culture, and directs Regent’s ThM degree program. His most recent book is Modern Technology and the Human Future: A Christian Appraisal (IVP Academic, 2018). He has contributed chapters to a number of collections on the subjects of modernity, secularization, economic ethics, and technology, and his articles and reviews have appeared in Christian Scholar’s ReviewAmerican Journal of SociologyCrux, and Markets & Morality. Craig Gay is an active member of St. John’s (Vancouver) Anglican Church. He and his wife Julie have four grown children.

Dr. Michael Morelli, Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Studies of Northwest Seminary (ACTS), studies theological ethics, meaning he is fascinated by the ways God's truth confronts and changes the realities that make up our existence. He recently completed his doctorate, which focused on technology in the writings of French Christian scholars Jacques Ellul and Paul Virilio. Prior to graduate studies, Michael worked in local church ministry, and he continues to serve the church in a lay capacity. He also publishes and presents on a variety of topics within the fields of theology, morality, culture, politics, and technology.


Technology is a hot topic. People often ask: 'Should we use this or that technology?' 'Is this or that technology good or bad?'  But how can such questions be answered if we do not first know what kinds of people we are trying to become? In the connection, Craig Gay will address some of the challenges posed by the ongoing development of automatic machine technology. Yet much more importantly, and by recalling the basic Christian doctrines of Creation and Incarnation, he will suggest what Christian theological engagement with modern technological development is going to need to look like.

This lecture and response are co-sponsored by Trinity Western University (Philosophy Department, and Inklings Institute, Faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences), ACTS Seminaries, and the Canadian Scientific & Christian Affiliation.


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