HIST 310
History in Practice

An exploration of the various manifestations of the practice of history in the public sphere. Students will be exposed to the ways in which communities, regions, nations, and others polities collect, manage, create, present and understand their histories, pasts, and stories. Analyze how forms of historical consciousness show themselves in archives and museums, films and theatrical productions, monuments and memorials, anniversaries and celebrations, government policies and sporting achievements, genealogy and national origin stories, etc. Practical application of historical skills and tools through communication with public historians, visits to local historic sites, completing relevant assignments and engaging experiential learning. Students will gain valuable experiences and knowledge related to a variety of areas where public history is practiced and will be exposed to career opportunities in history. This course is a prerequisite for other History Practicum opportunities

This course is the prerequisite for any history practicum (HIST 315). Not offered every year See department chair
6 sem. hrs. of history. (3-0 or 3- 0)