TWU Housing Update – Fall 2020

Housing at TWU is excited to host our students on campus again for the Fall 2020 Academic Semester. Below, you’ll find important information that will help you navigate the journey back to campus.

As we work with our Health & Safety campus experts, we are looking forward to welcoming back just over 600 students to our dorms and apartments. We are grateful to be equipped with the right style of apartments and dorms to efficiently social distance in compliance with BC Health & Safety standards. The most significant update is our decision to place students in their own rooms, one per room throughout campus.

If you have any questions along the way, please reach out we’d be happy to help you navigate!

Our New Timeline

  • June 22nd--26th students can expect a personal phone call from their Student Success Guide to discuss their individual housing options and priorities
  • Our Upperclassmen students who are planning on living in apartments will receive their confirmed apartment assignments by July 10th
  • Our students who will be living in our Room & Board style dorms will find out their dorm room assignments by July 17th
  • Placements will be available for viewing on the Student Portal after the dates indicated above and will receive confirmation from Housing 

How will we do placement prioritization?

Our prioritization list will consider these major factors:

  • Students enrolled in Face-to-Face, in-person required classes
  • Spartan Athletic requirements
  • Geographic location outside the Greater Vancouver Area (beyond 80 km distance)
    • Prioritizing our international students (see below)

Our Procedures for Assignments

  • Apartments Assignments: A Housing placements team will work with students eligible to live on campus who already have apartment placements. Housing will do their best to keep students where they are currently placed, or arrange upon request. Once priority filters are placed, housing will consider our applicants who have extenuating circumstances.
  • Dorm Assignments: To the best of our ability, the Housing team will use both applicant requests and Academic Neighbourhoods to determine where 1st through 3rd year students are placed in our dorms. The Housing Team will do all they can to consider preferences indicated on applications. Once the prioritized students are placed they will consider other applicants with extenuating circumstances.

International Students

We are excited that International Students with a current, continuing study permit are allowed to re-enter the country before classes start with a quarantine plan in place (see below).

We want to Know Your Situation

We get that all our students are facing unique circumstances during this time. Maybe you live within an hour of the school, but will have a lot of trouble commuting, please keep us in the loop so we can help you figure this out! Your Student Success Guide or Admissions Counselor would be a great person to talk about these circumstances. Housing would love to consider your application as we availability.

Quarantine Questions

Any student, from outside Canada, who has a confirmed housing placement for Fall 2020 is eligible for quarantine on campus for the 14 days prior to class beginning.  These students should plan on arriving on campus on Friday, August 21st. Once your housing placement is confirmed, students are invited to get in touch to arrange specific details and receive confirmation of the quarantine plan to show for travel permissions.

Student Leaders who need to quarantine prior to SLO Training Week should coordinate with their respective Student Life Staff member.

Other Options for Our Students

Student Life is coordinating an effort to work with local TWU families & Alum who wish to participate in welcoming students into their homes in this unique academic year. We are organizing billeting and would love to help match you. Talk to your Student Success Guide or Admissions Counselor about this option.

Our Off Campus Housing website is also a useful way to find local housing.

Health & Safety

Our TWU Health & Safety Committee is finalizing procedures for living on campus, and a Campus Life Agreement form which students will need to comply with while living on campus for the 20/21 Academic year.

Clear instructions for student lounges, off-campus visitors, our cafeteria and other common spaces will be provided prior to arriving, and clear signs around our campus will help you navigate proper social distancing outside your dorm or apartment.

When finalized, these documents will be included at and as placements are confirmed the documents will be emailed to Fall 2020 residents.

Housing Refunds for Withdrawals

Housing deposit refunds will be refunded to student accounts by July 31, 2020.

First & Second Year Housing Requirement

TWU has a Residence Requirement in the Student Handbook for out-of-area students, welcoming them to live on campus for their first two years, unless staying with family. Due to the unusual circumstances, first and second-year students are exempt from this policy and are invited to live with other TWU families through our coordinated efforts to billet, or find another hospitable location off-campus.

Contacting the Housing Team

We’d love to hear from you!

  • For help navigating these changes, all our students can expect a follow-up phone call from our Student Success Guides or Admissions Counselors.
  • will be an active email account for student questions and a quick response from our Housing Team.